Sunday, 17 June 2012

Youtube oddity of the week!

I'm still ironing out the kinks with this whole blogging thing, so be warned - contents are subject to change! I have come up with something which I think I will do on a weekly basis, which is post a video of something I've found on the internet which makes me amazed, confused - or just plain disturbed.

I shall call it "Youtube oddity of the week" and I guess this is the very first time you get to see some of the wonderful and crazy things I have to share with you all :)

Here is the first video -

Thomas learns how to read braille

I never said anything I would post in this segment would ever make any sense did I? So I'm starting my first segment with something that should leave you either cursing me for destroying your speakers, or applauding me for uncovering an underrated gem.....although I think the former is more than likely going to apply:

I mean come on....this is 63 seconds of absolute nonsense, and I truly hope none of you are on any kind of mind bending journey with any kind of drugs, because if that is the case - I'm so so sorry for whatever nightmares result from this madness.

I am pretty fond of the repeated "help me.....pleeeeease" though, how sinister can a tank engine get?  

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