Sunday, 17 June 2012

That awkward first post.......

Hey, welcome to Less than three! I'm hoping to update this blog weekly with various features and other fun things which excite me - and hopefully all of you, from all over the internet!

I guess I should tell you all a little something about me before I do anything else? Well there isn't much to tell really! My name is a good start, you can call me Jim =) When I'm not working I spend my time scouring the internet for bizarre oddities and other bits and bobs which pique my curiosity. I'm a bit of a gamer, and a bit of an anime fan, currently hyperventilating whilst I wait for the Wii U to come out - "holiday season 2012" isn't cutting it Regginator!!

I like a load of other stuff too - you'll find out more if you stick around though ;)

So keep an eye out on the blog, and hopefully it will be quite the journey =)

- Jim

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