Monday, 18 June 2012

Fun online games you say?!

The past week or so I've been shown quite a few time-consuming but amazing online games, thanks to Felicia Day, and if you value your social life you should turn away now ;)

Echo Bazaar

Echo Bazaar is an addictive text based browser game, where you wander the streets of London completing various quests, and meeting a host of colourful characters on the way. You level your character up by completing quests with various options, each having a different difficulty depending on your level for that particular attribute.You have 10 action points, which are displayed as a candle in the top left corner of the screen, and each mission you undertake uses one of these, and they replenish one action every 10 minutes or so, making you pick your choices wisely, as you may waste all your action points (as I have done a few times now) on options which are way out of your skill range.

You also receive opportunity cards, which present you with new quest lines and bonus missions. You can also drop by the bazaar and buy mission related goodies and such. If you enjoy your text based adventures, I highly recommend Echo Bazaar - Its a stylish and dark humoured gothic romp with a surprisingly intricate and deep story, which will captivate and draw you in for hours - you have been warned!

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is an RPG/MMO/Shooter hybrid, where you complete quests by killing monsters, and upgrading your weapons and armour. At the beginning you have only one class available to you, but as you level up your initial character, more classes will unlock, giving you a wide choice of different playing styles. You can create guilds, and band together to take on tougher challenges as a group, to collect better rewards.

The one draw with Realm of the Mad God is that once you've created your character, you have one life with them. Once their health is depleted, that character dies, and you have to make a new one. This mechanic gives you a reason to be careful in your approach to enemies, as you can often find yourself being overrun and killed rather brutally.

You attack by aiming in the direction you want and clicking the left mouse key, and you can unleash special attacks as well. The controls are fully customisable as well, making it flexible for left and right handed gamers.

It has a cool graphical style, it almost looks like the mad lovechild of Diablo and Minecraft (Not a bad thing), and is highly addictive to play. I've sat and lost myself in this game for two or three hours without even realising it - its that fun! Its free to sign up and play, so head on over to their site and give it a try!

So there you have it - The two major albatrosses around my neck at the minute, enjoy them! If you come across any games or cool stuff you want me to feature, please E-mail me!


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